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Trench Coat
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Classic Trench Coat with raglan sleeves that gives the jacket a relatively loose and undefined shape that is perfect for both men and women. Material: Premium Cotton

749,25 kr
Silk Top
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Colorful top in delicious Silkesatin, based on the basic principles of Lé-Hygge SS18.

349,00 kr224,25 kr
Out of stock

Slim, Classic and skinny-fitted trousers for women - fits O'KANA Female Blazer Material: 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester

336,75 kr
Mini Dress
Out of stock

SS18 Mini Dress with slim cut and long sleeves. Material: 100% Raw Silk (thin) Washing instructions: Hand Wash or Dry Clean

499,00 kr299,25 kr
Para Skirt
Out of stock

Para skirt is made of quality fabric carefully selected to give the perfect look. Material: 55% Wool + 45% Polyester

499,00 kr261,75 kr
Silk Skirt
Out of stock

O'KANA Silk skirt is made from quality raw silk carefully selected to give an extravagant look. Material: Raw silk

374,25 kr

Fashion clothing for women

At O'KANA, quality is paramount, and in our range of women's fashion clothing you will always find the best styles of the season in well-chosen materials and thoughtful design. O'KANA not only wants to be one of many brands in the crowd, and we know that it is a desire that obligates and requires hard work every single day.

We will be your first choice when you are looking for exclusive fashion clothing for women that can be used for both everyday and more special occasions, and we hope our dedication will shine through when you take a look at the various items in our latest collections. Our range includes everything in women's fashion so you can easily complete your wardrobe and always have something to wear, whether you are in need of a beautiful dress or skirt, an elegant blazer, a pair of casual trousers or a well-worn top.

Large selection of fashion clothing for women from O'KANA

In O'KANA women's fashion clothing, you can always feel comfortable and move forward in style, no matter where you are. We use, among other things, the best premium cotton for our products, and you are thus guaranteed delicious quality clothing that lasts for life on the go and that lasts comfortably throughout the day.

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