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Seasonal Collection Trousers
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O'KANA Seasonal Collection Unisex Pants are made of Italian fabric with 70% Viscose and 30% Polyester. The trousers are designed Slim-fit with Cropped length, and are equipped with a zipper, side pockets and two back pockets.

449,25 kr

Trousers for men

High quality, beautiful trousers in a timeless design can be worn again year after year and never go out of fashion. They fit most things and you can be sure that you always have a pair of nice pants to wear for both everyday and party. At O'KANA, we have designed our very own line of trousers for men, made from the best quality materials and with a fit that makes the trousers both stylish and very comfortable to wear. You will find all our trousers for men here, where you can easily find just the pair of trousers you are missing, and place your order immediately.

Men's trousers with a good fit and in high quality

Many people put style over comfort, but one does not necessarily exclude the other. In the selection of trousers for men from O'KANA, you will find smart trousers in many different models that can be styled with a casual t-shirt or polo shirt as well as with a shirt or blazer. Highlight your own style with our large selection of delicious men's trousers that have a good fit and therefore sit comfortably on the body. Which pair of pants do you like best? We are ready to receive your order and pack it for you before long.

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