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Fantasy Wireless Charger
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Product Name Wireless Charger Size 138 * 78mm / 138 * 22mm Rotated angel range 0 ~ 75 ° Material ABS Base Feature Fast charging (≤2H) Output 10W (Max) Charging distance ≤8mm Conversion efficiency ≥72% Working frequency 110-205K Executive standard QI Standard Charging type Wireless one-on-one charge corresponding ...

299,00 kr
Fast Wireless Charger (Car)
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SPECIFICATIONS MaterialVintage Leather Size160x 120 x 65 mm Weight130g with package (NW: 34g) DETAILS 1. Adopted serration design for the air vent clip, which makes it more reliable and stable; 2. Fast switching between landscape and portrait mode in 360 ° rotation. It ...

299,00 kr199,00 kr
Genuine Leather Wireless charging
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SPECIFICATIONS MaterialVintage Leather Size100x100x8mm Weight139g with package (NW: 62g) DETAILS 1.Unique design: wireless charger with leather design, which is unique and full of design passion. 2.Compatibility: Fast Charge feature is compatible with ONLY Samsung Galaxy s6, iphone, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S7, ...

199,00 kr
2 in 1 Splitter Charging Adapter
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Fast Charging Cable
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SPECIFICATIONS MaterialVintage Leather Size100x62x25mm Weight81g with package (NW: 38g) DETAILS 1..High Compatibility: For all lightning to USB devices; 2.Fast Charging and Data Sync: 2 in 1 Lightning Micro USB fast charging cable together, excellent two design.Transfer speed up ...

199,00 kr149,00 kr
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