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About O'KANA

Folemarksvej 25
2605 Brøndby
CVR: 39416476
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Inquiries via. Phone: + 45 30 56 65 83 (Mon-Fri 10-16)
Our story began in 2014, when the two friends Jimmy & Olivier together had a common goal; to develop, design and offer a "New-Age" Scandinavian look. With only one designer, and little to no free time, O'KANA was created.

Our passion for unique styles and collaboration brought to life our visions and products.
Our mission is to create fabulous products, in the finest materials and dazzling designs, is something completely unique.

We believe in quality and the creation of a new style that everyone can carry.
Colorful, creative and inspired by what we see in everyday life, each new product, collection or idea is a representation of what we love about the world we all share.

We hope that our products can give you as much pleasure as it was for us to create them.
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