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Fast Wireless Charger (Car)

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MaterialVintage Leather

Size160x 120 x 65 mm

Weight130g with package (NW: 34g)


1. Adopted serration design for the air vent clip, which makes it more reliable and stable;
2. Fast switching between landscape and portrait mode in 360 ° rotation. It is easy to adjust and provide you with the best perspective;
3. With intelligent design: Built-in over-voltage, under-voltage, temperature control, surge protection and short-circuit protection function. It will automatically interrupt the charge when fully charged because of trickle charge design, which ensures safety for your phone;
4. Specifications: 
Input: 5V / 2A, 9V / 1.8A,
Output: 5W-10W
Charging Distance: 0-4mm
Charging Efficiency: 75% -85%
Length of Cable: 3.3ft / 1.0m
Size: 110 x 102 x 89 mm
5.Devices support the models with 10W quick-charging: Samsung S9 / S9 + / S8 / S8 + / S7 / S7 edge / S6 edge + / Note 8 Devices support the models with 7.5W charging: iPhone X / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8

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Fast Wireless Charger (Car)

Fast Wireless Charger (Car)

299,00 kr199,00 kr
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