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Fast Charging Cable

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MaterialVintage Leather


Weight81g with package (NW: 38g)


1..High Compatibility: For all lightning to USB devices;
2.Fast Charging and Data Sync: 2 in 1 Lightning Micro USB fast charging cable, excellent two different connector models together design.Transfer speed up to 500Mbps, 2A Fast Charger;
3.Flexible Length Selection: The maximum length of the retractable charging cable is 0.9M, there are 4 different levels, choose different length according to your needs, suitable for different daily situations.
4.Portable: small and lightweight, it's easy to put in your pocket, you can take it out at any time, charge your electronic device and transfer data quickly.
5.High Quality and Leather Handmade-- It uses the best copper wire as the wire, and the case is mainly made of high quality hard plastic and first layer leather. Adds additional durability and tangle free, not easy to break, easy to connect and separation, reducing abrasion during insertion or plug out of the cable.

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Fast Charging Cable

Fast Charging Cable

199,00 kr111,75 kr
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